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Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks! music Bacon seriously makes my world go round and I think this salt will too! A lot of the bacon fat has actually been rendered from the baking process. This is a very creative idea! discuss this issue here on your blog. Some fan-forced ovens can operate the grill and baking functions simultaneously and I have chosen this function as the process is faster and the bacon is crispier. Can you imagine the good old creamy seafood chowder with a sprinkling of this bacon salt? Heavenly!! And we have some of the pink salt in the suitcase. This looks really fantastic, what a great idea! oysters You are a wonder in the kitchen, my friend! Choose the right pork belly. So allow me to reword this…. After you have made bacon from scratch, this will be a walk in the park for you! OH MY! What a great post with a terrific response. He had seen this add on a commercial. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family. THIS IS AWESOME!! Taking into consideration bacon has been cured and salt being a preservative agent, this bacon has also been cooked a second time and most of its fat rendered through the baking process, so I would say it should keep for around 3 months if properly stored in the fridge in an airtight container. Check constantly to avoid over-cooking / burnt bacon as it becomes bitter. Finally! This is a personal blog. See my response to Ayden above. the article you write. Remove the pork belly from the bag, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Thanks for sharing and as always, your photos are incredible! and practice a little something from other web sites. Then, I came across this recipe by Evan Thomas who is the author of The Wannabe Chef. Actually you want to “under-process” the bacon and salt it so that it’s not too fine like powder because you want the texture to be slightly sandy / grainy. I can’t wait for the weekend when I can make this…. Happy cooking! now if I could just stop myself from chomping at the bacon even before I pulverize them. char kway teow WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. Bacon salt sounds like a genius idea! 3. you have done a wonderful task on this topic! And he actually ordered me breakfast because I discovered 2. //

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