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... opt for eco-friendly alternatives such as mango wood, which you can read more about here or bamboo wood, ... Rubberwood is not rubbery; … Of the thousands of tree species in our natural world, only a handful are routinely used to make cutting boards and butcher blocks. And, because bamboo boards … Rubberwood is mostly a component of furniture, but appears in flooring and in general construction. At the same time, bamboo … Bamboo is the choice of many environmentalists. Bamboo may sound like a strange choice for a hardwood kitchen countertop, but it’s actually really practical and has impeccable green credentials. Both the teak and the bamboos are planted in large magnitude to compensate for chopping them down for such purposes.. Very tough and durable, rubberwood is resistant to molds, fungus and bacteria. Softwood: Which is Better? But why are maple, walnut, cherry, teak, and bamboo such popular woods … A hard grass, it is a sustainable, renewable resource that needs no chemicals to thrive or be harvested. Bamboo is actually a herb that grows incredibly quick, so there is no damage to the environment. Rubberwood has very little shrinkage, an important factor to furniture builders who prize wood that exhibits little movement. In fact, bamboo is known to be one of the quickest growing tree/ grass and can … Rubberwood … Hardwood vs.

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