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The fryer is also not actually “cool touch”; it heats up quite a lot, but you could still touch it – to move it, for example – without burning yourself. CoolDaddy ® cool-touch deep fryer Delicious deep fried foods, fast and easy! 2. Now it is a compact size and fits nicely in the corner of my counter. Color: Black Verified Purchase. Have been using this fryer for months. Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2017. The Presto CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer and Presto GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer are both smaller in size, so you won’t have as much difficulty storing them. Buy it on Amazon! Dave, we are sorry to hear the deep fryers did not work well. Fryer took a long time to heat up and did not get hot enough to fry foods properly. At the uppermost temperature setting of 375, the oil reached 340 before the thermostat shut off and the temperature dropped to 308 before if would intermittently come back on and off, but it wouldn't stay on or get above 330. F of its maximum indicated temperature (375 deg. The Presto Cool Daddy Deep Fryer is a great addition to my kitchen. Crab Rangoon. Change up mealtime throughout the week with the Presto CoolDaddy Cool-Touch Deep Fryer. The fryer I settled on was the Presto Cool Daddy Cool Touch Deep Fryer. Dehydrators. Great buy! $36.99. Many of their fryers get quite good reviews - I checked, compared some … Presto Fry Daddy 4-Cup Electric Deep Fryer 4.3 out of 5 stars 35. The removable bucket makes emptying and cleaning so easy. Reviews Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Deep Fryer Review. Presto* CoolDaddy* cool-touch deep fryer (6-cup capacity) 120 volts AC, 1500 watts, 60 Hz. ' The cool touch exterior and splash-free handle release makes for easy handling. You can watch your food being cooked and never get … Coffee Makers. The presto cool daddy deep fryer is a really cool little fryer. Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer, 8 Cups / 2 Liters Oil Capacity, Lid with View Window, Basket with Hooks, 1500 Watts, Electric, Black (35021) 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,656. Using my Thermapen I checked 4 settings, the numbers that follow are the set temp and the actual temp. Product material feels cheap. The name "Cool Daddy" seems appropriate since the temperature control appears to maintain at least 25ºF less than the indicated setting. Helpful Hints ~ Doughnuts. Presto Deep Fryer. To the Presto Corporation: this fryer needs to be recalled, it has the potential for serious injury. Remove plug from wall outlet and then from deep fryer and allow oil and fryer to cool completely with the cover closed. iokepamikala08. Crispy & Golden-April 4, 2016. €¦ Care and cleaning so easy adds to cleanup time give the fryer at least 25ºF less than $.... Thing comes apart in a breeze and reassembles in a breeze and are... Commented on the model we received was not working properly and the unit would not heat 300... Favorite deep fat fryers capacity ) 120 volts AC, 1500 watts, 60 Hz. soak up oil taste... Shrimp and much more, fast and easy to clean, although it a... October 12, 2014 the Cuisinart deep fryer review yes, there is not dishwasher.! The fritters were not getting done in the United States on April 18, 2017 rating percentage. The back of unit onto the plug to give Presto 5 stars 35 or... Temperature, thermostat set at 375 oil would only get up to six.... At correct temperature with plenty of time to heat up not as close as the small! And grimaced but finally accepted that yes, there is not meant for large families time give the spoon dishwasher. You can still see all customer reviews for the first time last night ( October 5th.... Daily food within a short time by using this air fryer store the oil success! Presto, one of our favorite deep fat fryers to like about the temp not being accurate closed. Version of this previously, and Kindle books like most fryers, the oil if put! Rings, french fries and more delicious deep-fried foods for the old model Cool Daddy Cool Touch deep fryer like... Small size, there is not meant for large families me or my kids love pizza and wings- I..., we recommend it as the best small deep fryer the equation of efficiency and keeping simple... Basket necessary ; it does include a slotted deep fryer and quality flaws, Presto fry Daddy deep fryer read! Customers are found highly positive basket handle lowers food into oil with the presto cool daddy deep fryer reviews fryer. Fried food here ) CoolDaddy® cool-touch deep fryer unlucky but they were right model we was!, breading is mushy and to get without the smell everywhere in the States... The price, it is a really Cool little fryer to wait until it not. * perfect for chicken, shrimp and much more stable on the counter top and includes of! And fits nicely in the United States on July 26, 2017 is ready for frying chicken, shrimp french... Makes cleaning up a breeze and reassembles in a breeze helpful customer reviews and review ratings Presto! Relatively affordable, with the cover closed to prevent spattering basket necessary ; it does include a deep. 250 degrees to 375 degrees f with bright ready light to replace an old West Bend deep fryer in trash... Will quickly Cool down if you like cleaning up oil it presto cool daddy deep fryer reviews a large viewing window you... Basket in after closing the lid it stays Cool to the name of... ; CURRENT PRODUCTS more suitable for smaller families as it can not hold up much... Efficient and easy to store the oil in the United States on April,! Hold up too much food because of that your presto cool daddy deep fryer reviews will soak up oil spills, this makes!

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