golden gate bridge protest october 10

The rice bowl that needs only fifteen short minutes of cooking time before you’re happily scarfing it down. The Rice Bowl To End All Rice Bowls. claypot tofu rice Claypot rice is often garnished with spring onions, but I use them so rarely it seemed a waste to buy an entire bushel just for this one dish. Reminiscent of my favourite clay pot rice growing up—long grain rice cooked down in a clay pot where the rice absorb… This Hong Kong-Style Clay Pot Rice is one of those dishes I can’t get enough of. The Clay Pot Rice Bowl That Launched A Thousand Ships. Today’s recipe will be claypot rice – fragrant, smoky and a delicious dish you can adapt with whatever ingredients you fancy. The claypot retains heat beautifully so that the rice steams while absorbing the flavours from the other ingredients; the bottom layer chars, forming a … For this I made a claypot tofu rice. This used the rich flavours of claypot cooking, in conjunction with the simple ginger and soy freshness of the usual chicken rice recipe.

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